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Warts and Verrucas Treatment

As a rule, warts vanish on their own without treatment. Nevertheless, very often warts appear and grow on your skin for a long time. It was found out that about 65-80% of all cases of warts usually disappear in 2 years even if they haven’t been treated. Though, if a person’s immune system isn’t strong enough, warts can stay on the skin and they are less expected to act quickly in response to treatment.

If a wart doesn’t disturb you, it’ll be better for a person to leave the wart to recover on its own. But, of course, treat the warts if they are painful, or they restrict your daily life, or you feel embarrassment because of the warts, or there are any likely danger factors for developing cancer.

Actually, the main goals of all kinds of treatment are to take away warts avoiding any scars and support ongoing immunity to HPV that, by the way, is a reason of warts.


However, while treating the warts it’s possible the appearing of such side effects as, for example, ache, sores, irritation in the region of the wart.
And as a result, Wartrol - is really the medicine, that can both help you get rid of warts and won’t stay any scars on your skin, as warts disappear on their own. What’s more, Wartrol will stimulate your immune system to HPV. 

As for standard warts treatment, you won’t find the single really effective remedy, that’s why some treatments are usually combined together for better results.  But the most widespread treatments are salicylic acid, cryotherapy, duct tape, surgical procedure and treatments with the help of special chemicals.

Salicylic acid

Many treatments, such as creams, gels, paints and medicated plasters, are available over the counter from pharmacies. The active ingredient in most of these treatments is salicylic acid. In two-thirds of cases, research has shown that hand warts clear up within 12 weeks of treatment with salicylic acid.

There is limited evidence available to show which type of salicylic acid treatment (ointment, cream or gel) is most effective. However, it has been shown that salicylic acid is effective at treating warts.

Salicylic acid and other wart treatments also destroy healthy skin, so it is important to protect your skin before applying the treatment. You can use petroleum jelly or a corn plaster to cover the skin around the wart.

Before applying the treatment to your wart, use an emery board to rub any excess outer skin on the affected area (avoid sharing these with others). Then soak the wart in water for around five minutes to soften the skin.

After soaking your wart, follow the treatment instructions that came with the medication. You may need to apply the treatment daily for 12 weeks or longer. However, stop the treatment if your skin becomes sore and seek advice from your GP or pharmacist.

If you have warts on your face, avoid using treatments that contain salicylic acid and seek your GP’s advice about the best type of treatment.

If you have poor circulation, for example, if you have a condition such as diabetes or  peripheral vascular disease, consult your GP before using over-the-counter treatments that contain salicylic acid. This is because there is an increased risk of damage to your skin, nerves and tendons.


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